Sustainable Added+Value


Building with environmental awareness

Sustainable, resource-efficient and intelligent energy solutions for a climate-friendly future: Only those who think socially, environmentally and economically can build for the long term.

We are shaping the future of urban development so that this future can be shared by all: people, business and the natural world. We consistently use renewable energies and our new buildings are certified in line with systems such as klimaaktiv, the climate protection initiative of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology. Our building standards already meet the requirements of the EU Taxonomy Regulation, which defines the criteria for sustainability.

The construction site of the futue. We are the first property developer in Europe to use wind power to autonomously supply our construction site with green energy. By doing so, we are already reducing CO2 emissions during the construction phase.

We think sustainably. We work together with our energy planners and other well-known partners to develop highly-efficient and forward-looking buildings by combining a range of technologies to create an intelligent and extremely efficient energy system:

  • Geothermal energy
  • Component activation
  • Photovoltaics
  • Wind energy (peak shaving for levelling out peak loads)
  • E-mobility
  • Green roofs
  • Energy storage
  • The use of rainwater for green areas

Our PlusEnergieQuartier21 in Vienna sets new standards for urban development. Our objective is to inspire as many as possible to build in the same innovative way.

Potential for growth

Homes with an exceptional quality of living

Our objective is to ensure an exceptional quality of living, because a good home is not just a basic need but, rather, a prerequisite for a good life.

My home is a place of well-being. Those who build homes must perfectly understand the expectations of those who live in them. We consider, investigate and establish new criteria and approaches. There is clearly no contradiction between climate-friendly building and affordable homes, because we deliver both a higher quality of living and lower energy costs.

Excellent constructional quality, perfect interiors and timeless modern architecture are amongst the unmistakeable features of our projects. Our apartments offer maximum functionality, optimised layouts and attractive open areas. We create high-quality living space in prime locations.

  • Living more comfortably due to component activation 
    No fossil energies are used for heating and cooling. So you can enjoy a feel-good atmosphere all year round.
  • Living more cosily 
    The radiant heat generated by temperature-controlled ceilings creates a natural, draught-free indoor climate. 
  • Living more healthily 
    The constant indoor temperature (20–25°C) allows you to sleep well, right throughout the year.
  • Living more economically 
    Integrated ceiling cooling combines an efficient cooling performance with low energy consumption. This optimises operating costs and saves you money.
Quality of living

Investments with
enduring value

We build for the long term.

Values for generations. Those who build living space must focus on people. Individual needs should be addressed and met responsibly, reliably and in a spirit of partnership. Only in this way can a home also become a medium and long-term investment with a high potential for growth. By developing, planning and building real estate with enduring value we set standards for generations to come.

Green Buildings. The challenges of climate change create the need for new building standards – the demand for sustainable buildings will grow enormously in the next few years. This is why the value of our properties is rising and their competitive advantage is assured.

We are already able to realise cost-effective buildings that require zero fossil energy and whose operation is also virtually climate-neutral.

  • Robust, low-maintenance technologies 
    Consistently low operating costs improve the reliability of the planning process and ensure long-term tenant loyalty.
  • Energy efficiency, ecological value and high-quality execution
    Sustainability leads to lower lifecycle costs. 
  • Fossil-free air conditioning and resource-friendly construction 
    We bring attractive and sustainable products to the market. 
  • Long-term investments that retain their value 
    The expectation that capital assets will retain their value has rightly become the new status quo.
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